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The X Factor to Selling Aspen Homes

The X Factor to Selling Aspen Homes
Selling an Aspen/Snowmass home goes beyond traditional marketing. While the Gary Feldman Group skillfully and effectively stages, photographs and advertises its listed homes and condos, it offers an edge over other Realtors® by leveraging its international media contacts to secure unbiased editorial coverage.
By nurturing relationships with local, regional, national, and international media over many years, we have accessibility to business and real estate editors, from a wide variety of well-respected media outlets, as well as non-traditional media. We also work with a highly reputable PR and marketing firm that specializes in real estate and supports our efforts. 
With trusted relationships nurtured over decades, we are regularly contacted for input on Aspen/Snowmass real estate stories. These relationships also enable us to call contacts to promote editorial coverage for our listings. Here’s a snapshot of media results the Group secured recently for just one listing:

Other publications that frequently contact the Group include:
  • Forbes
  • USA Today
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Robb Report
  • Daily Mail
  • Hollywood Reporter
  • Architectural Digest

The Group also offers direct marketing via e-blasts and more to local, national, and international potential buyers. In addition, Gary Feldman, founder of the Group, offers insider tips about real estate through the Group’s blog and website.
Reflecting the expertise of the Gary Feldman Group and the exposure it provides, Gary Feldman and Geni King, both brokers with the Group, recently sold an Aspen West End estate for $6.95 million (full asking price). Gary and Geni had the home priced and listed within 24 hours of meeting with the Seller, and under contract in 36 hours. It was inspected in 96 hours, the contract was hard in 21 days, and it closed in 47 days.
Call Gary Feldman, founder of the Gary Feldman Group, to learn how he would position your home with his international media contacts to gain invaluable exposure, which results in a successful sale.

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