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Mosey on Up to Aspen’s Woody Creek Tavern — with Horse Parking

Mosey on Up to Aspen’s Woody Creek Tavern — with Horse Parking
Aspen, while being an upscale mountain enclave, has extraordinary charm and in some places, a unique ruggedness that makes visitors and locals feel incredibly at home. Woody Creek Tavern is one of those places. In fact, to get to the tavern, customers can enjoy a leisurely 7-mile ride on their horse along the breathtaking Rio Grande Trail. And when they reach their destination, there is a hitching post for horse parking — just as if they were traveling back in the old days.
In 1980, when the rest of the Aspen area was growing to become the tony town that it is, the Woody Creek Tavern opened as a down-home and comfortable place: a watering hole for locals. Today, it remains the same — horse parking and all.
After customers get their horse situated, they enter the tavern, where the walls are plastered with endless photos, magazine covers, newspaper clippings, children’s drawings, license plates, pieces of original art, memorials to deceased friends, and much more. Many photos of the late journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson, who frequented the tavern, adorn the walls. 
As for eats and drinks, Woody Creek Tavern is renowned for having the best Mexican food in the valley. The tamales and “perfect” margaritas are must-haves! Other tasty options include seafood; barbecued pork, chicken and ribs; burgers, and many other delicious items. Neither credit cards nor reservations are accepted – so customers must have cash on hand!
If you’d like to know more about Aspen’s off-the-beaten-path spots or are interested in making Aspen your home, call Gary Feldman.

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