October 28, 2022

Insider's Guide to Off-Season in Aspen

Insider's Guide to Off-Season in Aspen

My Insider’s Guide below to Off-Season was interrupted by an early season snowstorm that dumped 20 inches of snow on the ski areas reminding me of trick-or-treating with my kids in knee deep snow one Halloween. 


Late in ski season and also around Labor Day, Aspen locals who cater to the needs of visitors have a saying…”Just when you think you can’t stand the crowds, they all leave”; thus beginning the bi-annual “off-season”.  Spring off-season is known as “mud-season” after the reddish mud that comes off the mountains from melting snow. Fall “off-season” is known for the gold and red autumn colors.


What defines, or what are the benefits of off-season in Aspen?

  1. Parking is readily available and meter rates are discounted.
  2. Rush hours in and out of town lessen.
  3. Restaurant reservations are easier to get.
  4. The pace of life dramatically slows.
  5. Locals are more engaging.
  6. Doing all the outdoor activities that originally enticed you to Aspen to live.

In a way, it brings back memories of living in Aspen in the 70s and 80s before it really became popular. 


One interesting real estate observation is that buyers who visit Aspen during the off-season to look at homes and condos are typically more prepared to make an offer on the right property. Off-seasons have their benefits…Why not move here full-time? For more information, call 970.948.3737, email [email protected] or visit www.garyfeldman.com.

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