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Aspen Summer Occupancy Soars Higher Than It Has in Years

Aspen Summer Occupancy Soars Higher Than It Has in Years
The Denver-based Mountain Travel Research Program (MTRiP) released a report last week, revealing that Aspen’s occupancy rate for July 2012 jumped roughly 7% over July of 2011. It’s been an incredibly lively summer so far, and this recent report confirms that Aspen’s economy and occupancy numbers continue to remain strong. Aspen’s overall lodging occupancy was 78% in July, which was also the highest-paid occupancy month for Aspen since MTRiP, a provider of lodging performance data in mountain resorts, started tracking this in 2006. 
June’s occupancy rate in Aspen was up even more than July, with an 18% spike over June of 2011. MTRiP reported that bookings so far for the month of August are on pace to outperform August of last year as well. With the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in town this week, Bill Tomcich, president of Stay Aspen Snowmass, estimates that Aspen’s occupancy rates should surpass 80%. 
Snowmass reported occupancy numbers that were not nearly as impressive as Aspen’s, with July’s lodging visits reported to be down 11.6% over July of last year. However, Snowmass is undergoing a large remodel project in the former Silvertree and Wildwood spaces, putting nearly 25% of Snowmass’ rooms out of service.
While occupancy rates were up in Aspen for June and July, so were sales tax figures. The city of Aspen’s sales tax receipts for June represented the largest increase the city has seen in four years, up a staggering 16 percent over June of 2011. Retail sales for the month were up nearly $6 million, according to Aspen’s tax collections report released earlier this month. 
As popular as Aspen is during the winter ski season, Aspen continues to be a big draw for visitors and homeowners during the summer months. There is never a dull moment in Aspen during the summer, with festivals, concerts, and community events taking place nearly every day of the week. 
Visitors come to Aspen from all over the world to experience Food & Wine, the Aspen Music Festival and School, the Aspen Ideas Festival, the Jazz Aspen June and Labor Day Festivals, Theater in the Park, and much, much more. Weekly events such as the Snowmass free Thursday night concerts, the Aspen Saturday Market, and Sunday concerts at the Aspen Music Tent are reason enough to spend a few days in picturesque Aspen. If you haven’t visited Aspen in the summer, now is the time!

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