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An Insider’s Guide to Aspen Architecture

An Insider’s Guide to Aspen Architecture
At the Gary Feldman Group, we have strong connections with the best of Aspen’s architects, lenders, designers and more. Below is Gary Feldman’s Q&A with David Johnston, AIA, president of David Johnston Architects in Aspen; who gives his industry insider’s views regarding the Aspen market:
  • What are the architectural trends in Aspen? For the past couple of years, we have been producing more contemporary architecture: large open spaces, floor-to-ceiling glass and sliding doors, flat or simple roof forms, and clean lines. A strong goal has been to blur the line between exterior and interior living spaces, and keep the stunning mountain views as a focus and constant backdrop. 
  • What are your suggestions and solutions when dealing with limited space, which is quite common in Aspen? We have been reducing hallways and eliminating compartmentalization, utilizing more built-in design for closets, storage, and other support requirements. In addition, we have been making sure efficiency is a priority. Also, rooms have become more versatile, and can be used for multiple uses. 
  • Do you see a preference toward more contemporary design or back to traditional? Are people melding both together? We haven’t noticed a reversed trend back to traditional mountain architecture, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it happens. I think we are still seeing the use of mountain materials (stone, wood, steel), but organized in clean, contemporary forms and antique detailing and designs. 
  • Does it take longer or about the same time for renovations and building in Aspen? It depends upon the complexity of the remodel. Often it takes longer to remodel a building than to start from scratch, as the existing conditions make it hard to navigate construction, especially if it’s historic. But today’s designs are complex, and the demands of the owner’s programs are intense, so every project takes a great deal of time.
David Johnston has 26 years of experience in the architectural field. Although his work ranges from the western United States to the Caribbean, David is best known for his single-family, residential projects in Aspen and the surrounding Rocky Mountains. For more information or to contact David Johnston, call (970) 925-3444 or visit DJ Architects.

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