September 29, 2013 | Gary Feldman Group

A New Perspective - Brooke's Blogs

A New Perspective - Brooke's Blogs
Originally from Arizona, I lived in Vail, CO for 4 years before moving to Aspen, with my husband, a few months ago. My blog entries will include my weekend excursions and fun-finds in the Roaring Fork Valley. So far, I've been blown away by the beauty, history, and great people I've been meeting. I invite you to discover this magnificent valley with me... someone brand new to the Aspen area!
The Regatta at Ruedi Reservoir, 17 miles from Basalt, up the Frying Pan Valley, was a blast to take in while lounging on a friend's speed boat. I never realized how much work was involved in sailing, and came away with a newfound respect for the sport. The sun was shining, the winds were just right and the crews were giving it all they had!

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